We offer a variety of Security Systems to fit the needs of everyone from homeowners to business owners. We install Security Systems at residential and commercial locations of any size both during and after construction.

We can help you design and install any kind of closed circuit television system using the latest in PC or Linux based technology for your residential or commercial needs. CCTV Surveillance systems are now being used widely. People are using CCTV systems with remote viewing to make sure their houses or commercial properties are deterred from crimes of burglary break-ins. We can design and install a security system that starts recording on NVR’s and DVR as soon as the cameras detect any movement.

NVR’s and DVR's are hooked up to the internet and you can view your house or a retail shop from anywhere in the world via cell phone, PDA or Windows, Linux or MAC laptop or Desktop.    

  • Surveillance System Setup for Commercial and Residential properties

  • Wireless Camera Setup

  • MegaPixel Camera Viewing (HD Quality)

  • Special Project Design/Consulting

  • Remote Viewing from anywhere the World

  • View Camera’s from any PC or most Mobile Phones

  • Custom Covert Camera Setup

  • Pan/Tilt Zoom Cameras and listen to Audio conversation

  • Training on your System Usage

  • Wireless camera setup up to 6 miles

ATech Solutions specializes in surveillance equipment and security solutions for home and business. Our products are distinguished by their competitive prices, high quality, breadth and depth of product offerings, and ease of installation and use. A-Tech Solutions carries over 500+ different brand names of CCTV Products.